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Thank you for your interest in using and loving your CondeHouse products for the long term! Proper maintenance can extend the lifespan of your items and preserve their quality. Please carefully read the User Guide that is attached to your products at the time of delivery.

Polyurethane resin finish on Conde House furniture is resistant to scratches and stains caused by water and alcohol.

It is important to keep the room which the furniture is placed adequately humidified and to ensure that the furniture is not exposed to direct sunlight. Do not place items in the direct line of an air/heating vent. Sudden changes in dryness and humidity may cause extension or cracking of wood material. Direct sunlight may discolor or fade the original stain and wood color.

Be sure to place your items on a flat surface. Using on tilted surfaces may cause damage or warping to the products and the floor. (Cabinets, sofas, and tables that have adjusters: Set the adjusters so that your item will be level with the floor.)

When moving furniture pieces, ensure you do not touch the wood parts against each other. This may result in scratches or knicks as well as the rubbing off of color finishes.


For everyday care, wipe away dust gently with a dry, soft cloth. Do not rub harshly, as this may cause dust/dirt to penetrate or adhere to the surface.

To remove dirtiness, lightly wipe down with a soft damp cloth that has been wrung out, and immediately follow with a dry cloth. Refrain from using harsh chemical cleaners or alcohols, as this may result in discoloration. Please do not use waxy polishes which may turn the surface greasier and smudgy.

Most CondeHouse products are finished with Polyurethane, which provides a degree of resistance against everyday wear and spills.

Products finished with Oil preserve the texture and appearance of the wood as it is in nature. These products may require periodic maintenance. Frequency of maintenance required will vary depending on the environment and circumstances in which the product is used. For details on recommended products such as oil wax and frequency of maintenance for your product, please contact us.


Fabric Maintenance

For everyday care, remove dust with a clothes brush or a vacuum cleaner using a soft brush extension.

Should the fabric become stained or dirty, please use a cloth dampened with a neutral detergent and dab gently to lift stain. Follow immediately with a cloth dampened using lukewarm water and thoroughly remove detergent. Finish with a dry, soft cloth to remove water.

Natural Leather Maintenance

For everyday care, wipe clean gently with a soft, dry cloth. Do not wipe harshly, as this can cause fibers from the cloth or other particles to penetrate into the pores of the leather and leave marks. Please refrain from cleaning with a wet cloth or a cloth soaked with chemicals containing oils, as it may cause discoloration or staining. Occasional removal of dust, etc. with a soft brush head of a vacuum cleaner is safe.

The CondeHouse leather collection includes several different varieties of leather. Maintenance details will vary depending on the type of leather. Please consult the User Guide for concerns regarding stains or dirt, or contact us for assistance. If you use commercially available leather cleaner, ensure that you do a spot test in an area that will not stand out before using.


Products with Coverings

Products with covering-type upholstery can be easily switched out by the user. This enables you to change seat upholstery depending on the season or for a change of scenery, and create an environment suited to your lifestyle at the time. In addition, it promotes longevity of the upholstery materials.

There are two methods for switching out coverings, depending on the type:

・For LEGGERO: The upholstery covering is affixed to the seat frame using hook-and-loop fastener tape such as Velcro. Simply peel away to remove and replace.

・For WING: The upholstery covering is on a seat board that is fixed in place to the frame by screws with knobs. The seat board can be removed by loosening the knob screws, giving access for you to remove and replace the Velcro-affixed covering.

If you need any assistance, please contact us via email at and we will respond as soon as possible.