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About Us

What is CondeHouse?

CondeHouse is a Japan-based contemporary furniture manufacturer established in 1968, dedicated to helping people create spaces that promote comfort and relaxation in daily life. Whether it’s dining with family, laughing with friends, or relaxing after a long day of work, CondeHouse furniture is always there for you.

We build furniture with a keen sense of gratitude for what nature has given us.

Reliability, durability, and sustainability are our core values. CondeHouse furniture begins with trees in the lush forests of Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan. We use Hokkaido wood for as much of our work as possible, using every last piece of each tree we harvest to create items that will endure for several lifetimes. Treating the forest well is at the heart of everything we do.

Excellent designs come from hard work and willingness to accept challenges.

All of our furniture is crafted at our factory in Asahikawa, Hokkaido. We specialize in solid and veneer wood construction using traditional techniques and modern computerized tools to create products which are uniquely styled and beautifully constructed.

Our skilled craftspeople operate these cutting-edge processing tools alongside elaborate handcrafting. Use of machinery for cutting allows more time to be spent on finishing touches and other intricacies that must be carried out by a human hand, and enables us to shorten lead times.

CondeHouse’s factory is a sophisticated culmination of manual work and technology, developed through a series of ventures into new forms of craftsmanship. That’s why designers around the world know that “if anyone can do it, CondeHouse can!”

Craftsmanship that shares Japanese aesthetics with the world.

Respect for nature and consideration for others are important Japanese values. We have applied these principles to our craftsmanship throughout all of our years in business. The heart of Japanese aestheticism is reflected in our pieces’ gentle shapes and intricate functions, and we believe that these values enable us to make everyone’s life more comfortable.

Exceptional Design and Quality

CondeHouse is known for exceptional design and manufacturing quality, as expressed in our line of contemporary furnishings for distinguished homes and commercial projects. For more than 50 years, we have been offering chairs, tables, and cabinets to enhance an endless variety of modern spaces. Whether your space is a residential dining or living room, an office conference room or lounge, a restaurant, or anything else, CondeHouse has furniture pieces to suit your needs. We have also completed many bespoke projects for public spaces.

The Our Work page on this website outlines a variety of examples of completed projects and installations we have done. Please visit this page for reference and inspiration for your future projects.


We believe that sustainability is an essential part of the manufacturing process. CondeHouse has been taking steps to create sustainably and mindfully throughout the years, and strive for continuous improvement.

We have been planting trees in Hokkaido since 2000. This lumber will be used as a resource for future furniture. Our Japanese Oak and Ash varieties are grown 100% in Hokkaido. This accounts for roughly ¾ of our wood materials. Using local wood greatly reduces our emissions, as it eliminates the need to import these woods from overseas.

Current products use FSC-certified and PEFC materials. We use only non-toxic glues and finishes in our production process.