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Craftsmanship in accordance with nature.

Rich yet delicate lines are the cornerstone of this premium collection. Designer Kiyoshi Sadogawa envisioned this series while drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature. Through the highest quality materials and utmost care put into each step of the process, we brought his design to life. The dynamism and flexibility of nature is expressed in the thick triangular shape throughout. The outstanding quality of this collection can be seen in the fine details, such as our carefully hand-applied finish.

WING is a symbolic series, with items made in the image of a bird’s wings. Through advanced crafting techniques used for the chair’s back, we create a sense of volume and quality while minimizing the amount of wood materials we use. Solid wood is shaved down to create the delicate appearance of the chair’s arms and legs. Subtle nuance is required to express a full, rich silhouette while also giving sharp edges. Our technicians’ skills and sensibilities are shown in the details, such as the smooth joints between the arms, legs, and back. The plentifully spacious seat utilizes a covering that can be easily switched out, providing the option for seasonal swaps or a simple change of pace.


The WING Armchair is a favorite for corporate environments, and the Side Chair provides a lighter, more modern look. Both have upholstered seats and are available in wooden or upholstered back varieties. The Lounge Chair is the same chair reimagined and designed for use in lounge or living spaces, providing hours of plush comfort.


The WING Table is perfect for use in everything from dining rooms and public cafes, to office meeting rooms. The leg design follows the same theme as the chairs and sofas in the collection – triangular with sharp edges and a smooth overall look.

The newly added WING Desk provides a soft aesthetic to your workspace. Pair it with our FOUR task chair or a DARBY chair to create a productive, easygoing environment.

Sofas + Other Items

WING now offers a sofa, available in 81″ and 93″ varieties. This can be paired with the Lounge Chair and Ottoman to create a sleek, contemporary space for relaxation.


Kiyoshi Sadogawa
Kiyoshi Sadogawa

Kiyoshi Sadogawa made revolutionary changes in the process of product design in Japan. When working for a department store, he organized a project team to provide one-stop production service, taking care of each step, from planning and design to final production. After establishing his own company Zero First Design in 1981, he has worked not only in product design, but also shop planning, exhibition booth design, event planning, and more.

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