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Simple Beauty for All Occasions

The theme of this series is taking flight into an endless sky. Soft edges and gently curving pieces can elevate any space, giving it a simple & clean, sleek atmosphere.

TEN, the Japanese word for “sky,” describes the concept of a light, airy feel. The design, derived from aeronautical engineering, is expertly recreated by CondeHouse technicians in each piece. The Armchair, with a gently curving back available in select upholstery, draws in all who take a seat. The popular Extension Table is able to be extended to its full width with great ease, using internal, seamlessly hidden mechanisms, without requiring the user to lift the leg portions or remove a single piece.

Functional Design Without Waste

“A symbol of lightness, TEN evokes imagery of an airplane soaring through the sky. For the chair, I imitated the construction of an airplane’s frame covered by a thin material, using a combination of high-quality wood for the frame and thin ABS resin for the back piece,” Schneider says. This designer’s wide-ranging collection of work that prioritizes functionality without waste is renowned and valued throughout the world; TEN is his first project for the Japanese market.

The chair’s design of an ultra-slender back seamlessly extending into arms is something only resin material can do. Its characteristic elasticity cradles the body elegantly. Our wrinkle-free upholstery application technique fully makes use of delicate lines while also utilizing and showcasing the skills of our craftspeople.

An Ideal Balance of Soft & Sharp

Chair legs that extend straight down give a sharp, linear impression. Arms are smoothly sanded for a buttery soft feel. Ever so slight curves are given to the back and arm portion to naturally support the body. Careful consideration of user comfort was poured into the soft lines at key contact points.

The TEN Table showcases beautiful solid wood grain and luxury. The Extension Table’s function and light design allows for considerable length to be added without overwhelming the room, thanks to the slender tabletop construction, with a thickness of only 3/4 inch. The inconspicuous seam won’t be obvious to the user in either the extended or default form.


Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider

Born in southern Germany in 1962, Schneider studied product design from 1984-89 through Richard Sapper, designer of items such as the IBM ThinkPad, at Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design. In 1993, he founded his own brand, designschneider, in Cologne, and moved it to Berlin in 2009. He was on the judging committee for Hong Kong Design Awards 2013, and for FUNREX Egypt International Trade Fair's "FUNREX Awards 2015." He is also a recipient of many awards, such as the Interior Innovation Award, iF Design Award, red dot award, and Good Design Award.

Schneider has been involved in many projects in exhibition design, product & furniture design, and trend investigation. He has clients worldwide, and is committed to design that is unique, beautiful, and highly functional. He strives to create products that can be used and enjoyed in daily life, including furniture, tableware, and sanitary ware.

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