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Long legs extend elegantly from a curved back. Constructed with a plush upholstered seat and back, SAN continually provides comfortable seating even for long periods of use. Use in offices, cafes, or as a home dining chair – there are plenty of possibilities for this modern, versatile piece. Made with luxuriously smooth Japanese Birch wood. Stitching on the surface of leather upholstery provides a sophisticated touch.

It Started with Three Lines

SAN is the Japanese word for “three.” Designer Michael Schneider thought of the name as he sketched the chair using just three lines. He began development with the goal to create a universal chair with form and function. Those three lines became the basis for the chair’s concept. With light proportions that make use of the rounded wood frame, we were able to make this chair with a lightweight frame without sacrificing the strength and durability for which we are known.

Showcasing Characteristics of Birch Wood

This frame is made with Japanese Birch wood from Hokkaido, which has unique traits such as coloration and wood grain. This wood type has a distinct contrast between the darker heartwood and the lighter sapwood, with the latter making up most of it. We make an effort to craft as much as we can without wasting our limited natural resources, so our products often are constructed with comingling wood colorations such as these. Enjoy this expression that only natural materials can provide!

Easy to Use for Anybody

Built with a variety of different people in mind, the sizing of this chair can comfortably suit anybody. Lean back with the assurance that you will be comfortably supported. The unique A-shape of this chair can easily transform and modernize the look and feel of any space, from offices to cafes to home dining rooms. In addition, the curved shape of the back and arm piece provides cradling comfort and ease of use for all.


Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider

Born in southern Germany in 1962, Schneider studied product design from 1984-89 through Richard Sapper, designer of items such as the IBM ThinkPad, at Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design. In 1993, he founded his own brand, designschneider, in Cologne, and moved it to Berlin in 2009. He was on the judging committee for Hong Kong Design Awards 2013, and for FUNREX Egypt International Trade Fair's "FUNREX Awards 2015." He is also a recipient of many awards, such as the Interior Innovation Award, iF Design Award, red dot award, and Good Design Award.

Schneider has been involved in many projects in exhibition design, product & furniture design, and trend investigation. He has clients worldwide, and is committed to design that is unique, beautiful, and highly functional. He strives to create products that can be used and enjoyed in daily life, including furniture, tableware, and sanitary ware.

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