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A sleek bench for public spaces, manufactured with the highest quality Japanese Ash wood. First installed as a custom piece in Nakanoshima Museum of Art, Osaka, with the purpose of attracting museum visitors and creating a shared space for them, this series manufactured by CondeHouse is now offered to the public, geared towards the contract market.

When designing furniture for the art museum, designer Taiji Fujimori came up with the idea that he wanted to use a natural wood material. He wanted to create an image of furniture that would live and age along with the passing of time and history of the building. In order to enrich the experience of art viewing, the benches of course had to have a beautiful yet not overwhelming appearance, as well as being easily accessible, safe, and comfortable for everyone. In addition, durability and ease of maintenance were considered, making these benches perfect not only for art museums, but for lounges and other public spaces where groups of people gather for activities.

Available as an all-wood 62″ or 84″ Bench, NAKKA is constructed with Japanese Ash wood and pairs well with our SLAT Chair. The Tray Table is available as an accessory, adding a touch of functionality as a resting spot for food, beverages, magazines, etc.

The NAKKA Sofa Bench is a beautiful statement piece wide enough for visitors to sit comfortably on either side. Cushioned upholstery covers the entire bench, with Japanese Ash wood of your color choice visible around the edges, providing a touch of modern elegance.

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