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A stool easy to sit in and get up from, KYU gives the option to move freely when working at a standing desk or high table, which helps with productivity. Designer Michael Schneider envisioned the idea for KYU from his experience with an injury to the lower back; he wanted to create a chair that would ease the burden on those who do better incorporating movement rather than sitting in the same position for long periods of time.

This high stool, with its attractive point of long, upright legs, showcases the qualities of Hokkaido-grown Japanese Ash wood, and is perfect for giving an atmosphere of intellectualism to your space, whether it is a cafe counter, an open office, or within the home. The strong, sturdy shell-type seat firmly supports the body and gives a feeling of stability. The edges are smoothly and carefully carved in order to preserve comfort without sacrificing the overall sharp impression, and it is upholstered in a way to bring out this look.


Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider

Founder of designschneider in 1993, Michael Schneider is a Berlin-based product designer focusing on furniture, tableware, and sanitary ware for international clients, and is committed to designing unique, beautiful, and functional new items.

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