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The Challenge collection, from design team Maly-Hoffman-Kahleyss, presents, as its name suggests, a variety of different “challenges” in its construction, such as figuring out the technicalities of creating a graphical cushion shape, preserving as much strength as possible while carving out a detailed, sharp frame, and creating a fresh, new comfortability.

The dining chair, available as an armchair or side chair, embodies a sense of slenderness and sharpness, with a carefully chiseled delicate-looking yet strong frame. The Soft Type, also available as an armchair or side chair, offers a more inviting, relaxed visual, with its natural wrinkles and plush cushioned comfort. The lounge chair and stool, with the pillowy shape of their cushions and their delicate edges, can be coordinated with any coffee table or side table to create a relaxing sitting space. Challenge dining chairs are often paired with our Hakama Table, Canyon Table, and TEN Extension Table.

Create a Refined Space

The biggest characteristic of the Challenge chair is the balance between the back legs and the shell type seat. The design balance of the curved, thin seat and the sculpture-like legs that extend from the lower back area bring about a more elegant, sophisticated impression.

Finger Joints for Increased Strength

A technique known as finger joinery is used to strengthen the bond at the area where the back and legs are joined. The shape and form of the joint is shown as part of the configuration, and by shaving down the thick solid wood, the chair is finished off in a way that allows the wood grain and quality to shine.

A Gentle Embrace

The curve that connects the back and seat provides the sensation of a firm embrace, gently supporting the lower back and hips. With the deep seat, anyone can relax and feel at ease. The back side has a hole where you can place your fingers to easily move the chair, making it simple to sit down and stand up from the chair, as well as push and pull it from the table. Experience this highly popular chair built with both functionality and elegance.



The Hamburg based design team Maly Hoffmann Kahleyss (MHK) emerged from the renowned Studio Peter Maly Design and Interior Architecture in 2009. Since then, numerous designs for well-known furniture manufacturers have been realized by Peter Maly, Birgit Hoffmann, and Christoph Kahleyss. Diversity in unity is one of the team's formulas for success.

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