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GERBERA Round Coffee Table (L)

GERBERA Round Coffee Table (L)

A subtle, light table that fits well with virtually any sofa or lounge chair, with a wide variety of uses. The top has a characteristic pattern inspired by a pinwheel, made with strategically placed sheets of veneer. A thin ring of solid wood around the perimeter is used to create a slightly raised edge, providing protection from small items falling off. Advanced molding techniques were used to create the legs, which are gentle on floors and have varying thicknesses at different parts, contributing to the table’s light weight.

Product Information

tear sheet
Wood – Finish
Japanese Oak Natural/White Wash/Medium Brown/Dark Brown/Gray Wash/Dark Gray/Black
Walnut Dark Brown/Natural

Standard Size

19 3/4"dia 17 3/4"h

Veneer top with solid wood legs

As shown

Japanese Oak Natural


Standard Size

Fabric - Leather

Wood - Finish

Japanese Oak Natural
Japanese Oak White Wash
Japanese Oak Medium Brown
Japanese Oak Dark Brown
Japanese Oak Gray Wash
Japanese Oak Dark Gray
Japanese Oak Black
Walnut Dark Brown
Walnut Natural