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FLAN Side Table

FLAN Side Table

A side table that can be used alongside a lounge chair or sofa. It is wide enough to be used for doing work on a laptop or tablet while you sit comfortably, and is designed with a top board and leg configuration that will not bump into your knees when pulled towards you. The storage under the top board allows documents and small items to be conveniently placed so they are readily available.

Product Information

tear sheet
Wood – Finish
Japanese Ash Natural/White Wash/Medium Brown/Dark Brown/Gray Wash/Dark Gray/Black

Standard Size

20 1/4"dia 23"h (Usable storage space height: 4")

As shown


Shuhei Shimozato
Shuhei Shimozato

Born in 1980 in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. After graduating from Kobe Design University where he studied industrial design, he learned woodworking from Asahikawa Technical Training School, and went on to work in furniture manufacturing and design at Interior Nasu in Higashikawa. He currently supports furniture design planning and development with his multifaceted point of view.

Designer’s Profile


Standard Size

Fabric - Leather

Wood - Finish

Japanese Ash Natural
Japanese Ash White Wash
Japanese Ash Medium Brown
Japanese Ash Dark Brown
Japanese Ash Gray Wash
Japanese Ash Dark Gray
Japanese Ash Black