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Designers: Toshiyuki Kita
Toshiyuki Kita

Since 1969, Toshiyuki Kita has worked with various European and Japanese manufacturers of home products such as furniture and electronics. His motto is, “Design is a harmony of everything.” He has also produced a great number of products with ecological themes such as recycling and reusing. Many such products are part of permanent collections of worldwide museums, such as the New York Museum of Modern Art. He has been a consultant on governmental programs to promote design in China, Singapore, and Thailand, and is the chairman of the judgement committee for the Japan Good Design Award and for the International Furniture Design Competition Asahikawa. He has held several key positions both domestically and internationally within the design industry, and has been involved in promotional efforts of traditional craft and local industry in Japan since 1968.

In 2011 in Italy, he was awarded the Golden Compass Award (International Award for Distinguished Service), and was a judge for the same award in 2016. He has gone on to receive several other awards and serve on judging committees. He is also a professor at Osaka University of Arts, and has published several titles relating to the field of design.