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TEN Bar Height Table

TEN Bar Height Table

A table from the TEN Series, an iconic collection of CondeHouse by designer Michael Schneider, pursuing an ideal balance of soft & sharp. This table features the characteristic combination of straight lines and curves present in the TEN chairs, as well as detailed, careful design down to even invisible parts.

The slender top gives a light impression, with edges carefully sanded into slightly sharp angles. This bit of extra effort results in a luxurious, smooth feel when you run your hand along it, and also showcases the utmost care for the user given by our expert technicians. The comfort and smooth feel of solid wood can provide a fresh, organic atmosphere and healing quality to your workspace. Perfect for use in creating a biophilic workspace in either office or home. Use as a standing desk or pair with a suitable productivity chair, such as our KYU bar height chair.

Product Information

tear sheet
Wood – Finish
Japanese Ash Natural/White Wash/Medium Brown/Dark Brown/Gray Wash/Dark Gray/Black
Japanese Oak Natural/White Wash/Medium Brown/Dark Brown/Gray Wash/Dark Gray/Black
Walnut Dark Brown/Natural

Standard Size

106 1/4"w 35 1/2"d 43 1/4"h Bar Height Table
94 1/2"w 31 1/2"d 43 1/4"h Bar Height Table
82 3/4"w 27 1/2"d 43 1/4"h Bar Height Table
70 3/4"w 27 1/2"d 43 1/4"h Bar Height Table

Solid wood top

As shown


Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider

Born in southern Germany in 1962, Schneider studied product design from 1984-89 through Richard Sapper, designer of items such as the IBM ThinkPad, at Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design. In 1993, he founded his own brand, designschneider, in Cologne, and moved it to Berlin in 2009. He was on the judging committee for Hong Kong Design Awards 2013, and for FUNREX Egypt International Trade Fair's "FUNREX Awards 2015." He is also a recipient of many awards, such as the Interior Innovation Award, iF Design Award, red dot award, and Good Design Award.

Schneider has been involved in many projects in exhibition design, product & furniture design, and trend investigation. He has clients worldwide, and is committed to design that is unique, beautiful, and highly functional. He strives to create products that can be used and enjoyed in daily life, including furniture, tableware, and sanitary ware.

Designer’s Profile


Standard Size

Fabric - Leather

Wood - Finish

Japanese Ash Natural
Japanese Ash White Wash
Japanese Ash Medium Brown
Japanese Ash Dark Brown
Japanese Ash Gray Wash
Japanese Ash Dark Gray
Japanese Ash Black
Japanese Oak Natural
Japanese Oak White Wash
Japanese Oak Medium Brown
Japanese Oak Dark Brown
Japanese Oak Gray Wash
Japanese Oak Dark Gray
Japanese Oak Black
Walnut Dark Brown
Walnut Natural