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KIILA Stacking Chair (wooden seat)

KIILA Stacking Chair (wooden seat)

A stackable work of art from Finnish designer Mikko Halonen. The back legs are composed of a gently sloping diagonal line. The chair was a finalist in the 2011 International Furniture Design Competition in Asahikawa. Easily moveable for a wide variety of situations. Constructed with Japanese Ash wood and available with a wooden or upholstered seat.

Product Information

tear sheet
Wood – Finish
Japanese Ash Natural/White Wash/Medium Brown/Dark Brown/Gray Wash/Dark Gray/Black

Standard Size

18 1/2"w 19"d 29 1/4"h 18"sh 26 1/2"ah

Solid wood frame with wood seat

As shown

Japanese Ash Natural


Mikko Halonen
Mikko Halonen

Born in Oulu, Finland in 1976. In 2001, Halonen graduated from Lahti University of Applied Sciences, and began freelance design work in 2002. He completed his studies at Aalto University in 2010, where he had studied the field of furniture design and architecture. He has worked with various companies in Japan and Europe.

"In my work, I always enjoy challenges of finding new solutions to a wide variety of design problems ranging from small structural details to spatial design. The shape of my design sometimes develops intuitively due to the nature of the material, which is true especially when I work with wood which is my favorite material. Modern technology and new manufacturing techniques, woodwork techniques, and skilled manufacturers have created new possibilities for the design of wooden stuff. I’m still learning and working on wood, which is an exciting and challenging project that will last a lifetime because wood is a natural material with unique characteristics. Wood work always demands me a process of trial and error and teaches me something new every time.

"In my opinion it is important for a designer to keep an open mind and to be willing to listen to the views of other professionals involved in a design project. I think a designer’s job is to gather and combine all the relevant information to be used as a basis for an optimally durable, sensible, functional, and aesthetically pleasing design. Whenever I create something new, I try to take materials, ergonomics, and ecological perspectives into consideration at an early stage and to construct a functional design based on these principles. A product which is beautiful, well-crafted, well-designed, and made in a sustainable way will have a longer life. After all, this should be everyone's concern in this day and age."

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Standard Size

Fabric - Leather

Wood - Finish

Japanese Ash Natural
Japanese Ash White Wash
Japanese Ash Medium Brown
Japanese Ash Dark Brown
Japanese Ash Gray Wash
Japanese Ash Dark Gray
Japanese Ash Black