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HAKAMA Round Table

HAKAMA Round Table

The main characteristic of this table is its wide legs, with a wavelike groove pattern inspired by the look of traditional hakama pants. As the legs extend toward the ground, the grooves are carved in a way that causes the legs to seem to fan outwards. This unique form naturally expresses the hakama motif and gives a dignified, strong look to the design. The bench matches well when paired with the table, but also has a striking presence on its own and leaves a strong impression when placed in large spaces such as hallways. This collection pairs exceptionally well with our Challenge chairs.

Product Information

tear sheet
Wood – Finish
Japanese Oak Natural/White Wash/Medium Brown/Dark Brown/Gray Wash/Dark Gray/Black
Walnut Dark Brown/Natural

Standard Size

55" dia Round Table : 55" dia 29 1/4"h
47" dia Round Table : 47 1/4" dia 29 1/4"h

Solid wood top

As shown

Walnut Natural



The Hamburg based design team Maly Hoffmann Kahleyss (MHK) emerged from the renowned Studio Peter Maly Design and Interior Architecture in 2009. Since then, numerous designs for well-known furniture manufacturers have been realized by Peter Maly, Birgit Hoffmann, and Christoph Kahleyss. Diversity in unity is one of the team's formulas for success.

Designer’s Profile


Standard Size
55" dia Round Table
47" dia Round Table

Fabric - Leather

Wood - Finish

Japanese Oak Natural
Japanese Oak White Wash
Japanese Oak Medium Brown
Japanese Oak Dark Brown
Japanese Oak Gray Wash
Japanese Oak Dark Gray
Japanese Oak Black
Walnut Dark Brown
Walnut Natural