Safe and Sound - CHORDE (Tomo Saito) at Conde House


How does it sound when you are home safe; when you are sitting in your favorite chair? Safe and Sound, an interactive sound installation by CHORDE (Tomo Saito) was a sound installation designed to activate an awareness of feeling "Safe and Sound" in a unique way. Participants created music by sitting in Conde House chairs, and explored the feeling of being in a safe and comfortable zone in an active matter.

The sound installation was born out of a conversation with CHORDE. The artist pushed the guest to actively consider one’s feeling of safety and experience in our surroundings; in this case through the medium of sound and furniture, specifically CONDE HOUSE chairs.  How do we experience our surroundings? What makes us feel safe?  Using sound, the sensation of sitting in a Conde House chair, making music and listening to one another allowed the participants to thoughtfully consider another dimension in our daily lives.




CHORDE (Tomo Saito)

Tomo Saito facilitates high level awareness and experience through visual art, photography, sound, design and writing. CHORDE is his music persona that creates the experience for the audience to participate in the sound using technology. Tomo has worked on several projects, installations and performances at public and private spaces such as the Asian Art Museum, The Lab, and CULT Exhibitions. Tomo lives in San Francisco and Los Angeles. He received a M.F.A degree in California College of the Arts in 2008.


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