Haru ga Kita~!




Spring has come~!

For Earth Day, Conde House honoured a Japanese legacy and a commitment to healthy and joyful communities.  Maya Shiroyama and Jim Ryugo of Kitazawa Seed co., led this effort by sharing their knowledge of seeds, planting and preserving not only one’s seeds but one’s culture, way of life.  The Kitazawa Seed Co., the oldest seed company specializing in Asian vegetable seeds, since 1917, has been the source for Asian vegetable seeds for home gardeners, retailers, and commercial growers.  We looked at sustainability in its various forms.  As Jim Ryugo pointed out, the seeds demonstrate a shared dedication to quality, attention to detail that is seen in the furniture of Conde House.  We hope our friends were able to come away with some seeds to sow in their gardens/homes and a renewed desire to plant beauty in our daily lives.

Inari Zushi and Kushiage much like something one would want to enjoy on a spring picnic were carefully made by Rintaro.  Special tsukemono inspired by the Kitazawa Seed Co were also prepared by Wendy Tsuji of Frost Tsuji Architects.




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