Item Story
Can you find a golf club
hiding behind the design of the chair?
― Golfer dining chair ―

You will find it in the line from the rear leg to the backrest; it resembles a golf club, which is the reason why it was named “Golfer”. This design came from a rough sketch drawn by a new girl.

A hint to go beyond the masterpiece chair was
in a rough sketch by a new girl

One day when CONDE HOUSE was just starting up with full of hopes and dreams to catch up and overcome European modern furniture brands using wood grown in Hokkaido, our executive director looked through the design proposals of the employees, and one of them caught his eyes. The director felt in his bones “This must be good!” saying later “It reminded me of MODUS, the masterpiece chair by Khristian Solmer Vedel.” While studying furniture manufacturing in Germany, he saw the chair at a furniture shop, of which impression made him determine to make a chair exceeding its perfection. The director soon got started before forgetting his inspiration, made a full-scale drawing with care not to make it too similar to MODUS, and gave the drawing to the new girl making the rough sketch.

No hesitation for the big investment
because we were confident

In 1973, CONDE HOUSE launched the Golfer dining chair, and has been still selling with many updates, such as using molded urethane foam in the seating and backrest. The application of molded urethane foam was first time for us and cost about 1.8 million JPY for a mold block, which was a big deal at that time. Meeting our expectations, the Golfer sold very well, and CONDE HOUSE got on track to grow.

It was the new girl who left the company due to her marriage only 4 years after the launch that gave a design clue of the item selling for more than 40 years.