Using as thin wood materials as possible; not hiding structures but showing them as a part of design: these eliminations created the affluent appearance with the carefully selected wood grain and color contrast in wood between the base and upper frame.


Motomi Kawakami
Motomi Kawakami
Born in Hyogo prefecture in 1940. After graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts, he worked for Angelo Mangiarotti Architects (Milan), and later established his studio, Kawakami Design Room in 1971. He aims at creation with humanity in the design of environment, furniture, space, etc. Quodo and SESTINA, the items he designed for CondeHouseare popular and long-selling.

While engaged in activities in design organizations and human resource training, he has contributed to the development of the International Furniture Design Competition (IFDA) for more than 30 years, such as articipating in the annual tree planting activity in Asahikawa.

"The design industry is required to comprehensively solve the social and cultural problems such as environmental and resource-shortage problems, an aging society, etc. I aim at design that embodies natural, truly rich, and comfortable life, from a social and ethical perspective, based on the aesthetics and consciousness developed in a practical way of thinking."
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