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The Nupri living collection is designed to provide a comfortable living space in the contemporary high-tech lifestyle. The side tables of the reclining chair are useful for placing smartphones and other personal belongings. The Nupri easy chair's cushion portion and wooden frame make it suitable for providing your body with a comfortable place to sit. The surface of the side table is carved to rise at the edge to prevent things from falling off. All items are available in Japanese oak.
Recliner Chair
Japanese Oak Natural


Toshiyuki Kita
Toshiyuki Kita
Toshiyuki Kita, born in 1942, has worked world-widely like in Italy, Germany, and Japan on many projects to design various products such as furniture, home electronics, robots, etc., based on his motto: Design is to harmonize all the conditions. Recently, he focuses more on the themes related to sustainability. Some of his works were selected in the permanent collections of world-famous museums like MoMA.
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