where sho, wagashi and sake meet: pre COSMOS event


On August 11th, Conde House welcomed local Calligraphy artist Aoi Yamaguchi, sake sommelier Yoshihiro Sako and Tokyo based Japanese traditional confectionery wagashi chef Shiho Sakamoto for a first in a series of their collaborative project, Sho to WagashiCOSMOS.  

The project is based on Yin-Yang and Five Elements: 木火土金水 (Mok-Ka-Doe-Gon-SuiWood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water). 

The artists discussed how they have incorporated the ancient arts –sho, sake, and wagashi  – into contemporary forms.  They also shared their creative process and how the material, language and culture shape their creation and their worldview. 

The afternoon brought together a broad intersection of creatives and those with an appreciation for beauty, design and taste.  The event concluded with a panel discussion with topics such as: the importance of water (for the respective media), how the mind affects the creative process and manifests itself in the final product and the role of design.