Lucia Matteucci

Lucia Matteucci is an Italian designer & design researcher based in London. Before moving to London, she worked in Milan, Tokyo, and San Francisco. Most recently, she has specialised herself in design research, following her passion for Human-Computer Interaction design. As a result, her design of bathroom fittings in Japan earned her multiple Good Design awards.

Lucia coming from the Italian school of industrial design and having graduated from Domus Academy in the 90s, her career straddled multiple design fields. Her interests didn’t stop at industrial design, shaping her philosophy in an eclectic way. From industrial design to interior design, design research, and digital products, she has always focused on understanding users’ fundamental needs, removing the designer’s ego, and always searching for timeless design.

What is centred in her concern is following an endless search for iconic status and serving users by understanding their needs, rather than looking for a signature style. Furniture pieces must have their personalities, but they must tell a story that fits users’ lives rather than reflecting a narrative imposed by the designer. Design transcends trends and becomes a classic, bearing elegance and carrying longevity. Lucia’s collaboration with CondeHouse was entirely based on these values.

Lucia currently works alongside her partner at Sabotage, a London boutique design studio with a unique focus on connected experiences, where products’ physical and digital aspects are blended to create ideal user experiences. She continues to explore different design spaces, believing that designers have the power to shape a better world. After all, designer’s work is always “in progress”.